A4 Blast container




Manufactured from TWARON™ the function of this bag is to contain suspected letterbombs and to prevent damage from fragmentation in the event of a postal IED activating.

The letter bomb pouch will carry an envelope up to DIN A4 size and approximately 40 mm thick. The non-opening side, is reinforced with a rubberized laminate to give added protection against blast perforation.

A special exchangeable cloth, vacuum metallized on both sides, gives additional protection against radio interferences.

In tests and incidents it was proven that all fragments caused by the explosion were captured inside the bag and could be handed over to the forensic laboratory for analysis.

For X-raying a suspect letter can remain in the bag. The bag materials will not dilute the quality of the X-ray image.

The bag should lie readily open next to your mail screening machine. On registering an alarm, the suspect item should be placed in the centre of the bag. First cover the object with the metal coated shielding garment and then close the bag by shutting the sideflaps first and the top flaps thereafter.

The bag should be kept there in this condition until competent authorised personnel arrive and carry out or delegate further action.

Dimensions folded: 380mm (w) x 280 mm (d)
Weight: 330g