Scanmax 15 Postal Cabinet X-ray Scanner



17” flat panel viewing monitor (larger screen sizes also available)
Keyboard Control
System safety key
VGA monitor lead
Monitor IEC lead
Mains Lead
Operating Manuals
12 month back to base exchange warranty

Power Supply: 100V +/- 15% and 220V +/- 15% single phase 50/60 hz – (state voltage when ordering)

Dimensions: H: 89 cm x W: 32.5 cm x D: 50cm.

Weight: 115 kgs (253lbs) unpacked. 150 kgs 330lbs) packed.

Max.Parcel size: H: 33 cm x W: 23 cm x D: 39 cm

Screening speed: Approx 12,000 items per hour in batches of 100. Contents of mailsack can be scanned in approximately 10-15 minutes. 250 packages per hour screened individually.

Radiation safety: Scanmax 15 meets IRR 17 and recognised international radiation standards with emissions of less than 0.1 microsieverts per hour at the surface of the machine

PAS97: 2015: Scanmax 15 is designed and tested to comply to the British Security Industry Standard: PAS97:2015 Specification for Mailscreening.